The Eulogy Project (TEP) is an online repository and digital humanities initiative dedicated to the preservation of tributes produced in honor of African Americans whose passing occurred as a result of various forms of violence and health issues.

Through the curation of eulogies, speeches, poems, artwork, obituaries, drawings, social media posts, oral interviews, and other forms of tributes, TEP maps the history of black memorialization across a broad spatial and temporal scope.

TEP builds on a long genealogy of works by scholars in the humanities and social sciences focused on Black mourning rituals.

Established by Joseph Williams, the project documents and preserves the Black community’s use of memorialization in 1) celebrating and mourning Black life; and 2) addressing various forms of violence and suffering.

Want to add a eulogy or other form of memorial to the project? We welcome your submissions. Just fill out the Tribute Submission Form or send us a message.